Max Davidoff-Grey
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Max is a composer, music producer and sound designer. He writes music for visual media and releases standalone electronic material.

After studying composition at the Purcell School for Young Musicians, he completed a music degree at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London - achieving first class honours with a specialisation in electronic music.

Max is now based in Los Angeles, working as a freelance media composer, and assisting Joseph Trapanese on his scoring projects.



  • Stuber (feature film) [scoring assistant]

  • A Boy, a Man and a Kite (short film) [scoring assistant]

  • Doorbells and Gunshots (short film) [composer]


  • Robin Hood (feature film)                     [scoring assistant]

  • Awaken (documentary)                   [scoring assistant]

  • Sra. Genovese (short film)                    [composer]

  • Venice Neverland (short film)              [composer]

  • Prospect (feature film)                           [scoring assistant]

  • Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times (short film) [assistant composer]

  • Siege Bots (video game) [composer]


  • Cowboy Drifter (feature film)             [scoring assistant / additional music]

  • High Notes (documentary)       [scoring assistant / additional music]


  • The Nowhere Artist (short film)        [composer]